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May 22nd

So this is the new site...she's purty idn't she? It's my preciousssss, filthy hobbitses best not make fun of my precious or I'll wack ya! Of course what this means is that I now have to get to work updating the damn thing with all the goodies I've been hoarding for myself... Ya know what? I don't want to...I'm gonna keep it all to myself...all the recordings, all the pictures, all the show dates... EVERYTHING!!! They'll all be my precious, and you can't have any of them!
Ok, fine you talked me into it...I'll get working on it whenever I get INSURANCE for the Parade Square show!
Stupid insurance and all its stupid technical requirements...
Seriously though, if I don't get insurance the show will not be able to go ahead. The city has gone out on a limb for me to do this, and so have a lot of other people. I swear to god if this show happens and some little dimwitted f*** decides to be an ass and cause trouble, you will have to face the wrath of a lot of pissed off people. This show is happening for everyone to have fun, not for some idiots to beat people up and yell at City Hall. Not that I'm saying politics is perfect, but in case you don't know they are all supporting this thing. Hell, even the AGA is behind it in a sense.
On a brighter note, there will be all-ages shows this weekend that already have insurance and they are all listed at Rock in Halifax. As for +19 shows:

Friday May 23rd
Queen Size Shag
10pm $5

Saturday May 24th
John Epworth
I was a Spy
Possibly one other
10pm $5

That's it for now...find me some insurance and I'll find you some good, free music!

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